Fulfill Your Learning Potential

Break Free Of Your Limitations

Allow me to be your guide 

Throughout the process of setting and achieving your language goals

Together, we will create a path that best suits you

to your abilities, needs and interests.

Language Coaching

As your language coach, I can help you achieve better results by focusing on individual parts of the language such as fluency, pronunciation, greater range of vocabulary or grammar.

I can help you build confidence and overcome your fears of speaking English or lack of motivation.

We can find the way unique to you and the way you learn.


Join our Community

facebook group Mindful English by Denisa Dvorackova

Mindful English

You are welcomed to join this group of wonderful English language learners. We make English part of our daily lives and enjoy it. This group will introduce you to conscious and subconscious techniques of learning a language, as well as emotions, fun, and Mindful topics. 

facebook group Going Global by Denisa Dvorackova

I´m Going Global

This is a support group for all those who have recently gone, or have the intention to go global with their business. If the international world is calling your attention, this is the right space for you. We learn and share our experience, we test our products and services before launching, and last but not least, provide English language support for your business.

English Boot Camp

This is a five week English vacation from the comfort of your living room.

This is NOT another online language course without results.

It is an intensive and meaningful individual rewarding program that will take you from zero to your desired finish line.

English boot camp includes all the special services I offer such as Language Analysis and more.

It includes online grammar sessions that are practically applied throughout our conversations and designed to lead you to your success.

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