What They Say


I contacted Denisa in order to get her help in preparing for a mentoring session with an American supervisor. I was getting ready for my ACC exam at the International Coaching Federation. I loved the straightforward approach she applied for the purpose of my situation. Denisa analyzed my ability to speak in English and she helped me get a functioning structure for my mentoring session. She prepared a variety of useful vocabulary words unique for the session, too. I could study them easily, and feel comfortable and prepared going into the mentoring session. All this just in 3 sessions during one month. I would be really satisfied right there but what came after was unimaginable—the realization that I had "unlocked" my brain to English. I was capable of using English right away during my sessions as I coached my clients. Really. Denisa, thank you for opening the doors to the world!

P.S.: My personal recommendation and insight, If you have a project on your mind that involves English and it is about 30 % done, I bet from my personal experience that with Denisa you will get the 70% done without even knowing it.

Anna Novotná

Denisa is, simply put, wonderful. If you are looking for someone who will push you forward in understanding yourself in relation to languages, or its improvement or fixing your mistakes, Denisa will do it with kindness and practicality. She hits the bullseye. If I decide to use the services of an English teacher or a language coach, Denisa will be my first choice.

Ľudmila Hoosová

I tried Denisa´s Language Analysis. First, I filled out a questionnaire and then we simply conversed in English. The whole time I felt very relaxed.

My stress disappeared and, without even realizing it, I was speaking fluently. It felt like she pulled the language out of my subconscious (I read and listen in English a lot but never speak it). The session went by very quickly and all of a sudden it was over. Denisa told me what she had found out about my English.

I had completely forgotten that I was being analyzed this whole time. She spoke about the level of my speaking and gave me specific recommendations on what to work on and what to focus on in order to improve myself. Apart from that she gave me many interesting tips on how learning languages work and what to do to get better results. She helped me raise my confidence and as far as English learning, I evaluate my cooperation with Denisa as a breakthrough! I can see now that her learning process can be easy if you know what to do.

I highly recommend her services.

Monika Rumanová

I have met many language lecturers, teachers, interpreters. Denisa´s approach got me.

Do you expect "simple" analysis of your language skills? You will get that and experience much more—an analysis of yourself in relation to the language. Maximum empathy, willingness, one,"Aha," moment after another, with many tips and tricks. I left feeling relaxed like I have just got a massage but energized for taking my next steps. And I will see/ hear Denisa soon, I have found myself a perfect language coach.

René Kosinová Černá

I had been looking for an online English language teacher. By coincidence, or maybe magic, brought Denisa to my attention. After reading a couple of testimonials, I knew I must try her way of teaching. I am a family photographer in Prague, and I take pictures of English speaking families more and more.

During my maternity leave, I lost confidence in my English speaking communication skills. Therefore, each family photo shoot I held in English was stressful. The first online session with Denisa gave me courage and a new point of view. She is not only a great lecturer but also a very kind woman who I have a lot in common with. I am excited for each new session with her. I feel like my confidence in English is returning. I highly recommend her!!!

Petra Tomicová

I have been playing with the idea of a reality where I am Merel Kriegsman´ s client.

Wouldn't it be cool? Sure, it would. So why has it not happened yet? If I am such a great manifestor? I was afraid I would not be well-equipped with language. I was never an ace in English, and 19 years in my village of Moravské Kopanice did not help. The task for Denisa was clear—was my English good enough to fully work with Merel? So that it would not be a waste of money? So that I could pass the initial interview and group meetings? And how did it end?

After one hour of conversation, I got my confidence back. Denisa explained her approach to English to me, and it really has nothing to do with what they showed us at schools. She also pointed out my errors, and guided me to ways of improving. I recommend the service with the written recording because it is useful and you have something to refer to.

So—do I recommend the Language Analysis? Absolutely yes!

Jana Svobodová

I thought about Denisa Dvořáčková´s offer for a month of English language mentoring for about a microsecond. It resonated with me so strongly that I did not hesitate for a minute. And it paid off.

I am able to read books in English, watch movies and understand a conversation, but I had a mental block about speaking. I had an urge to say things grammatically correct or not at all, something I internalized during my school days and something that was totally counterproductive. The result after three meetings? I speak English. Fluently. The whole time without interruption. I get up with English, I fall asleep with English. English fills up my days in podcasts, workshops with foreign mentors, movies and books... I actively seek it out and I am looking forward to it. I speak and I am writing a diary.

Something unbelievable for me. Denisa kicked my fear of speaking right during the initial session. It simply stopped after a couple minutes of talking. I make mistakes and I enjoy making them, and if I ever feel tension again, it simply disappears. I am, simply put, excited and I will definitely continue after this intense month of cooperation.

Thank you, Denisa, I love it.

Eva Jakešová

I have always had a low self-esteem when it came to English. I HAVE NEVER BEEN ABROAD LONG-TERM, never even any educational stay abroad. I picked Denisa intuitively and I hit the bullseye.

She is an AMAZINGLY SUPPORTIVE woman who can understand within minutes WHAT PROBLEM YOU HAVE WITH YOUR LANGUAGE skills and focus on it constructively. I must admit that I babbled the first session. But the second session was fantastic and the third one superb. All of a sudden I had CONFIDENCE. I received great support from her. She corrected me in a way that never put me down. Denisa is the right fit for me and I AM VERY EXCITED FOR FURTHER COACHING. She has raised my English and, more than that, my confidence, up to the sky!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jindřiška Mlčková

I would like to share my experience of working with Denisa Dvořáčková. I needed some help with translations for my profile on social sites, mainly LinkedIn. Despite my English being pretty good, I had not used it much in the past two years and one could tell. I wanted my profile to be professional and so I asked Denisa for help. Cooperation with Denisa was amazing. Denisa is a pro. Not only did she respond very quickly to my needs, but she fixed my English profile in such a way that I'm more than confident about its content even in front of native speakers.

Denisa, thank you very much and I certainly recommend you.

Martina Kubecová

I contacted Denisa with a request to language coach my husband who has been learning English for years without success. First, he attended group courses on his own, then he participated in study groups at work. He tried private lectures with native speakers and now he attends private lectures at his workplace. With the exception of the prior mentioned private teacher at his workplace, all the attempts to learn English were meaningless. He told me he is not meant for it. I did not want to believe it. I feel that everyone can achieve a certain level of communication.

My husband was thrilled with the online session with Denisa. He had no idea at first of what I had gotten him into. Most of the session he thought Denisa was a native speaker—he deduced that from the natural way of her communicating and thinking in English, and beautiful pronunciation with no accent. He was very surprised when she explained some facts in Czech, which is a great advantage. Ladies, if you need your English whipped up into shape, Denisa is the right choice. It is not easy to find the right teacher (I know a little about it). I recommend her.

Ivana Konečná Nevludová